Sunday, August 23, 2009

All YOur Basin Belong to Me Now

Whewww what a night I had yesterday.

Nothing too out of the ordinary--hours of skateboarding around downtown CM, window shopping at the electronics plaza (still searching for that elusive one hundred dollar video camera).

But look: I got a basin yesterday. If you do not know why this is a big deal, then you do not know me very well.

You see, I'm a guy who loves and appreciates a good basin. This is a statement that is basin reality.

Basin appreciation seems to have gone out of vogue recently. It's like the opera of plastic containers (or is opera the basin of performance music?) In either case, having a prestigious Princeton education, I learned to appreciate a good basin.

Here is what makes a good basin, for those who might not know:

1. Big
2. Portable
3. It doesn't have holes in the bottom.

Now, I already had one basin that was portable and that didn't have holes in it; but it wasn't that big, and so I couldn't watch that many clothes in it at once.

That problem is the problem of old administrations. I'm on that next shit now. So three thousand and great, or something.

My basin is so big that I can almost take a bath in it. I can definitely take a foot bath; I can certainly bathe a small dog, or numerous guinea pigs in it.

How much bigger (and better) is my new basin? Check out these comparative photos:

Can you believe this basin I got? Look at the size difference? Look at all the suds in that thing! Look at the myriad of clothes (and the myriad of colors!)

Here's another angle, Kurt (anyone?):

Are you kidding me? That smaller basin looks like a frightened sparrow next to my new basin, which I have nicknamed THE FALCON.

Russian nesting dolls! Are you kidding me! I've got a big basin over here!

Of course, the basin cost a little money (Thailand has strict drug laws, so of course it wasn't a free basin). It set me back Ha Sib Ha baht (55, or not quite two dollars). I hope my pride is not too much of a base sin, but I really like my new purchase. The thing is huge--you could empty out the water from all the bays in Thailand and still have room for more liquid!

Conclusion: Basin is conducive to puns.

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