Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too cute not to share

So I am grading my freshymen personal ads that I made them write for practice with their English/my own personal enjoyment. They had to mimic American personal ads, and write a paragraph or so introducing themselves, saying who they are, what they like to do, and what they are looking for in a partner.

At the risk of major ethical violations, here are some of the personal ads of these adorable, brilliant young lads and lassies of English 101.


My name's Parnparitra T-------- and my nickname is Pakwhan. I was born in Decamber 13 1990. I have one older sister. I study in Mass Communication Chiang Mai University.

I think my personality's friendly smile and funny but sometime I'm crazy girl. In my free time I like to dance with the Thai songs. I very like the sound of Thai songs and I like to read magazine very much. The important thing is I like handsome boy but he's more clever than me everything that I said about the man it mainly that man who can take care me and my heart in every time.

Now I want a something for transportation and something it didn't a big thing but it can use for transportation more fast and if I finished at the frist term, I want to see the condominium for live.


My name is Rattarak M-------- and my nickname is Mong. I was born in December 09 1991. I have 1 older brother. Now, I'm study at faculty of ENG CMU: major electrical engineering.

I think my personality's smile funny and Romantic but someone say Mong's long-term relationship and intelligent boy. In my free time I like to enjoy with simming, tennis, and going to the movie. Sometime I like to share common interests with my friend. I like girls who is sincere human because I think it's the best if you and you girl friend didn't fake.

Now I'm seeking a romantic smile girl for casual dating situation. And I hope that she can share common interests with me. I hope that she's good looks girl but I think sincere is more important than good looks. The last thing, the most important that I like is the love. Because the love's a mean of everything that I likes.


My name is Joey Boy. I study at Chiang Mai University. This year is the first year that I study in Chiang Mai. I am from Trang.

In my free time there are so many things which I want to do. Searching internet, play games, read books, traveling car etc. But exercises is what I really want tod o. My Life My Health is the first for me.

I'm Joey Boy. I'm nice polite and very lovely guy. I love to sing a song. I'm romance I think. I dislike smoke. I love to travel around the country with my girl friend and take a very long term relationship.

I'm looking deep down in their mind every people around me.

If they love me, I'll love them but unless they love me, I won't love them.


I'm an ordinary guy named Golf. I like history, travelling, listening to music, and learning new languages.

I'm currently dating a hot, sexy, and "kind of can't loose her" girl. The thing is my mother doesn't quite like her and refuses to get to know her. So I came up with a scheme, I'm looking for a normal and unattractuve girl to be my fake girlfriend in order to frame my mother.

If you think y ou are normal and goot at convencing, contact me urgently. My mother wants to meet my "girlfriend" by the end of this month. There will be money in reward of course.


Hello, I am a single black asian male looking for a casual dating.

Do you want to share your interests with someone you like? For example, playing sports together, go to the movie on a weekend night or having dinner in a good restaurant under the candle light, those activities may lead our relationship into a good way.

Woman with intelligence and good personality easily catch my attention because looks may not be the big problem for me.

If the things between us go went into a good ways, I hope our relationship would develop as good as it can.

["Black" here refers to "very tan," and not African-American. Asians prefer very white skin, as opposed to dark or "black" skin, which is a sign of poverty and working out in the sun]


Warisa C---------- is my name, My nickname is Fame, I'm a student at Chiang Mai University. I study history because it's interesting and look funny. I am talkative and avid.

When I have free times I love to travel with my family and my friends to see around Chiang Mai exampel waterfall, temple, and park. I often go to libery to look a fravarite book and do a homework. I like pop music so I always listen a radio and go to karaoke with friend. I love to sing a song.

In future, I want to get A at my exam and I want to be and air-hostess because I love and fun when I work with many people. I wish I will success in my life.


I'm Khanittha or my short name is Pim. I'm a new freshyman in Chiang Mai University. I major in faculty of Humanities Bachelor of Arts Program in English. I was born in Chiang Mai. I have two sisters. I'm a middle. I'm 18 years old. I'll turn 19 in November 19. In my free time I like to watch TV and surf the internet. Eating is one of my favorite hobby but I find it isn't quite good.

Actually if I have enough I'd like to travel around the world. I want to see new things.

I really adore Rock music. I can listen to any kind of Rock music. But what I'm into is Hardcore or Metal. People always say to me how can I bear listen to this kind of music. Well, How can I suppose to say, I just addict to it and I can't quit. I listen to both Thai and Western bands. The devil wears prada is one of the most rock bands that I recommend. I hope to see their show some day. What I like about rock is a rockers. A boy with a band shirt, skinny pants, vans shoes, etc. They are attractive to me. If they are sincere and able to play guitar, that's awesome. But they have to be a good person, too.


I'm Nong. I'm 18 years old and I'm Thai guy. I'm funny but a little serious sometime when I have to. I like to listen so everyone can talk to me and I can help their problem as I can, but except for money. Now I just looking for friends. I think that better than to nervous about love all the time.


AAAAH I love them.

So, who wants a pen pal? I know a lot of them would be really excited to talk to you...


  1. single black asian? sign me up. or, i can be the ugly decoy. whatevs.

  2. also, i think the preference for white skin is more complicated than poor farmers being more tan than urban Thais...

  3. Oh right, I forgot you were an expert in Southeast Asian Anthropology. Sorry to oversimplify, Professor.

  4. Mong sounds like quite a catch—put in a good word for me?