Friday, July 17, 2009

Still Got It

Dulled by an overwhelming soft-stupid anger, I forgot about today's highlight. I passed by a fellow teacher at CMU today (a Thai, cute young female one, maybe 30 or so, very smily) and we did the walk and talk pleasantry exchange.

Here is the day-making transcript:

Me: Hello. How are you?
Thai teacher: Good and you?
Me: I'm fine, thanks.
Thai teacher: Have you eaten yet?
Me: Yes.

I'm sure all of the ladies I've wooed in the past are reading this blog and thinking, "Oh, I remember when he used that line on me. I was so charmed. 'Yes.' My heart is aflutter just thinking about that hazy moment, candlelit forever in the lockbox of my memory."

Still got it.

--which leads to the semantic overload question: can one still got what one never yet had?

So...have you eaten yet?

(For those of you wondering about the randomness of this question, know that a Thai language equivalent of "What's up?" is "Gin kaow laew mai?" literally, "Have you eaten rice yet?" less literally, "Have you eaten yet?" even less literally, "What uuuuup"

P.S. if you're wondering if I have more than three students named "Kaow" (rice), then wonder no more, because the answer is yes.

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