Monday, July 13, 2009


I keep writing myself into a corner. I want to have at least a working manuscript for a memoir of my time here by the time I leave, but I keep writing myself into a corner. Maybe it is because I am trying to write a retrospective memoir about a ten-month sojourn during Month One. Maybe I don't know what questions to ask right now--besides, the obvious: what am I doing here?

Today I taught a class about paraphrasing, which went spectacularly poorly. It's too hard for these kids. They should be working on speech, listening, grammar, vocabulary--instead, they are attempting to summarize and paraphrase long articles, an exercise that most native English speakers would screw up, too. Oh well: I'm going to make those damn kids experts at passive voice construction. EXPERTS.

What else? I took a really long nap after class. Until 4, approximately. Then I went over some Thai. Then I graded some papers. Then I ate dinner and communicated successfully in Thai. There was some writing interspersed in there, too. I am trying to respond to everyone's emails. If you don't hear from me before October, you can feel snubbed--otherwise, I beg patience.

Hmm, that's it. Ummm the new Jay Reatard album is pretty good. Oh, I had another director joke, too:

Name Idea for Music-Video Director Themed University Lending House

Student Lonze

I like Michel Laundry better, frankly. Also I hate to end on a down note, but this is almost too much poetry. From Wikipedia, article on "loans," sentence 1:

A loan is a type of debt.

Alone is a type of debt, too.

Man, Wikipedia is just setting 'em up, aren't they?

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