Saturday, July 25, 2009

Payin' the Billz

Well, this apartment building just redeemed itself a bit.

Water and electric bills are both shared with the government at my building for some reason, which means utility prices are extremely low. I was expecting a bargain, but not this much:

My water bill for my first month (June 15-July 15) was 25 Baht (80 cents). Total. It will be 25 Baht (80 Cents) for as long as I stay here. And I can use as much water as I want.

My electricity bill was 190 Baht (6 dollars). And my landlady paid it for me because she is nice. Seriously, I'm not conserving electricity over here either. I sleep with the Air Con on, usually. I am pretty, pretty happy about the deal I am getting.

Still waiting on that hot water, but right now I can probably just afford to rent a hotel room for a night and use their shower or something when I really miss the heat.

Man, Asia, keep on showing me that good stuff. Today was my freshymen midterm and when I walked into the room they were all sitting there and in unison they greeted me with big smiles. Awww. Then they proceeded to adorably massacre the Briton tongue, treating adjectives like verbs and the present progressive like past participle. Man, what morons, am I right?

Actually, on my only glance, it looks like the freshymen did pretty well. There was some general confusion about how to use a prepositional phrase, but otherwise they seem to have done well, in spite of the test writer's best efforts to trip them up by using the vocabulary word "parking space" to mean "space for parking," as in, "At the mall there is ample parking space, so I would not worry about finding a spot." Odd English, but I think most English speakers would understand what you were trying to get at if you asked if there was parking space in front of a certain building.

Otherwise...I need to buy a larger washing basin. That and a nap are on tap. Maybe I'll rap.

So what the crap.

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