Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not So Fast!

You didn't get rid of me yet! (And I say this both to you, the blog readers, and to God, who might be trying to kill me).

I went to the bus station for my 2:30 bus, as scheduled, and I promptly reported to the ticketing window to find out the lane number. She looked at my ticket, laughed to herself, ripped it in half, and told me, with a smile, that the bus had been in an accident and so the trip was cancelled. She asked me if I wanted a ticket for the late bus.

Um, no, I don't. Can I have my money back please?

So I got my money back. Now I am going with a different company, whose buses don't regularly explode (hopefully), at 7:30. Also, I got a first class ticket!! Which means I'm going in style.

Oy. What if I was on that bus? I need to get a massage/drunk.

Out for realzies this time. Bye bye

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