Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jelly Legs

Got Jelly legs thrice today:

Once: Woke up after sevenish hours of sleep, walked the ten minutes to work. Surprised I didn't black out, because I felt as though I had just fallen through the rabbit hole for God's sake. Everything was blurry and I could barely walk a straight line. Good thing I didn't bring my skateboard this morning, or else I would have POPPED SOME SIC NOLLIES AND HEEL FLIPS YA'LL!!!

Or died.

Twice: After a five hour nap (11-4), I attempted to get my latter day going, only to stumble around my apartment for thirty minutes, sitting down, standing up, attempting to relocate my equilibrium. Eventually I settled for lying down and listening to music until I was too antsy to lie down anymore. Those darn elly legs knocked me out for about fifteen minutes of King Crimson jams, FYI.

Thrice: Walking home from Brit trivia (might have one had I watched more rugby/F1) I tried to skateboard but almost immediately pulled my groin, to the delight of some motorbike hooligans passing by. I don't know what they were laughing at: they were the ones stacked ass-to-crotch three-deep on a gas-powered scooter. At least I'm out there flashing some leg hair, flexing the glutes. Laugh at me, tcha.

Nah, I'm not gonna shower before work tomorrow. Nah, let them smell me.

Now, the question: Supa (one of my students) friended me on Facebook. He has photos he wants me to see, apparently.

Do I accept? Do I change my birthdate to reflect the age that a university professor should be? Do I block all of the photos that incriminate me toward unprofessorly behavior? (Keep in mind that Chiang Mai U. has the swagger of a Harvard (but the academic qualifications of, say, Texas A&M)).

Supaaaa why art thou causing me grief? Supa supa.

Also, I tried to get my midnight showing tickets to the big movie premiere this weekend, but 500 Days of Summer was all sold out when I called. I even had my "Joseph-Gordon-Levitt average suburban American costume" ready to go. Guess I'll have to wait until the crowds subside a bit.

Jokes jokes joke jokes jokes jokes joke jokes

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