Friday, July 24, 2009

I Love My Students

Today my "freshymen" had to give their presentations, which were 4 minute playacting skits they wrote for two people. One of the options was to do a news report about a festival or something (I'm a great teacher, I know), and one of the groups did a report about "the London Halloween Festival."

One of the girls in the group [nickname: "Fame"] was wearing hippie clothing, hippie sunglasses, and was pregnant. I thought maybe she was the byproduct of Woodstock, but then she announced that she was actually a Thai ghost character, which in the country's tradition is the ghost of any woman who dies before childbirth.

"The baby is still in there," she said, pointing to the pillow over her stomach to laughter.

Nervous laughter from the teacher.

Then she gave me candy so she got an A.

The rest of the presentations were equally adorable. One group was a news report from the Songkram Festival in Chiang Mai, and totally by surprise, they interviewed me, live on the scene:

"Oh my Gosh, look! A Westerner!"

I thought I was about to get beaten with baseball bats for my intrusion into the motherland, but all they really wanted to know was my name and whether I had been to Thailand before. Phew!

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