Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Fleecing of Americans

Today I did my first bit of interpreting between flustered Americans and flustered Thais.

There were two dude-bro American dudes, both wearing skin-tight Under Armor sleeveless shirts, trying to get a taxi driver to take them up to see the Wat at Doi Suthep. I was walking by, and I heard things like "HOW MUCH TO GO TO DOI SUTHEP?" (Very fast, confused Thai among taxi drivers) "WE WANT TO GO UP TO DOI SUTHEP, HOW MUCH?"

So I walked up and negotiated for them. The dude-bros got totally ripped off (so much so that the taxi driver, before taking off, vigorously shook my hand and thanked me a whole lot), but I didn't feel too bad for the cheated foreigners. Did I mention they were both wearing Under Armor sleeveless tees?

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