Monday, July 27, 2009


Amazingly, I had never been to the restaurant right next to my apartment building--the only one within a few hundred kilometers or so, in fact. It's called Khun Mohr Noodles (named after Thailand hero/American stand-up comedian/"Mafia!" star Jay Mohr) and I thought it was really expensive, because it has a nice swampy exterior, under a long rattan-pagoda-ish structure, with a beautiful sign and nice tables.

I realize this isn't much evidence--but usually I eat at "restaurants" that are essentially storage lockers with plastic tables and backless chairs and a Wok/deep frier at the front near the sidewalk.

But I went today, feeling rich despite monetary evidence to the contrary, and it was only 35 Baht for the best plate of Pork and Rice I have eaten since coming here. Now, usually I pay around 30 Baht for lunch, but like I said, I was feeling rich, so I could spare the 15 cents today.

And what's more: this meal came with FREE CRISPY WONTONS. Or, crispy wontons for 5 baht, however you look at it. Here's how I look at it: I'm eating there tomorrow. The people there are very nice, too, and even though they don't have an English menu, they speak English well and were willing to indulge me in my horrible Thai.

See you tomorrow, Jay Mohr Noodles. After I diarrhea out this Crispy Pork with Rice, I'll be back and ready for Mohr!

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