Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can Someone Please Kami Down?

Real quick: has anyone out there read "Kafka on the Shore" by Murakami? If you have, and you feel strongly (or at least, feel anything other than the memory of having read the novel), please email me immediately for discussion on whether it is a masterpiece or an above-average Stephen King novel. After 400 pages, I cannot decide whether it is the former, the latter, or whether Philip Gabriel has turned in the most boring damn translation of an exciting book ever, or whether Murakami would really purposefully shift from mind-blowingly excellent magical realism to high school level dialogue and description within a page flip.

Also, for those of you desperate for my immediate contact, start reading it and give me your impressions...if you email me about music movies or books I am much, much quicker to reply because those are things I get really excited about and which I don't have an outlet for (most of you, for example, don't care how I believe various under-the-radar mediocre albums by small-town bands with funny names could be improved--right).

So yeah, Kafka on the Shore. I can almost guarantee that once you start, you will keep reading for at least a few hundred pages or so, at which point you might get frustrated. Whatever. Let's talk, opionionated hordes.

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