Thursday, July 30, 2009


-Turns out that 9 of those posts I was counting were actually only drafts, so Four Forties for Obama remains my number one blog.

-Why am I so proud of my language use?

One of my major personal albatrosses is my failure to become really, really fluent in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish--contrary to the College Board report--but I was very close to total fluency by the end of my senior year in high school. I could read, sure, I had a big vocabulary, and I could speak slowly; but my ear was always a little slow, and so I never really considered myself fluent. Because I tested out, I did not have to take Spanish at Princeton, and so I didn't. And then, slowly, gradually, drips from an eye dropper, I started losing words, my grammar, my ability to form sentences, what little ability I had to listen. And so I don't consider myself able to speak Spanish now, which, honestly, was somewhat difficult for me at a university where everyone is required to know another language.

A psychologist one day will use this to prove my inferiority complex, and maybe he will be right. But then, I'll be able to speak Thai and the psychologist won't. So hey, Dr. Kotter, up your nose with a rubber hose. [Note to self: ask Surat how to curse in Thai next lesson, esp. at Tuk Tuk drivers].

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