Thursday, July 9, 2009

And the Wahn are not im enough


I woke up with much difficulty at 7 and I trudged--TRUDGED, I tell you--to class after the five-day weekend.

But isn't it nice how sometimes the unseen day-bright sun can sit unassuming in the back row?

By which I mean (and this story will only be funny to those who lived with or near me sophomore year), today I wrote a question on the blackboard: What is your favorite movie?

And the first girl I called on answered, kid you not, "She's the Man." Like, with Amanda Bynes. Like, the poster that hung above my sophomore year.

Favorite. Movie. Ever.

That was good. I had a humiliating experience (I seem to be start a lot of sentences this way) at the clinic (or, in Thai, "Crinic"), which I was assured repeatedly by a colleague had good English speakers...anyway, obviously no one there spoke any English and I spent several embarrassing moments trying to fill out a Thai information card. I filled out my phone number, and then I had a question, so I took it up to the nurse, and before I could ask anything, she looked at the card, held it up for everyone to see, and then started laughing at me.

So much for Thais famous propensity for making foreigners feel welcome and comfortable.

Four hour nap, Thai lesson with Surat. Found out that she is a bisexual, which was pretty surprising. She warned me to be careful around Thai women, because they are tricky and they will get pregnant and use me like an ATM machine.

I will keep my eye out for that.

Then she said that just because she was my tutor didn't mean she could not be my friend. And then, as she was leaving, walking out the door, she shouted over her shoulder, kid you not, "But maybe I am tricky!"

Then at dinner I saw an 1960s/70s cover band, with an emphasis on Eagles, Beatles, 1950s dream pop. They murdered "Your Song" and then killed it on a seamless Imagine/Hey Jude medley. Then I tried to pay my check but in turns out I had impregnated my waitress.

Tricky, tricky, tricky.

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