Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's the Deal with Homework? You're Not Working on Your Home!


[End obligatory intrinsic Jewish adoration for Seinfeld segment of the blog].

Last night we went to yet another Rooftop bar, a type of bar which seems to be exclusively attended by white people.

You know how it's now a stereotype of Black comics that they have a routine about how White People do certain things different than Black People? Chris Rock, Sinbad, Dave Chapelle: all have those kinds of things. "White people walk like this...Black people walk like this..." "White people love X; Black people love Y"

I wonder if Thai stand-up comics have a bit about how much White people love rooftop bars. Is there some sort of cultural joke about the rooftop bar that we are missing out on, one that precludes Thai people from going? Can someone Google that for me?

Last night around 2 I was skateboarding back from a night out and I was attacked by two dogs, who leapt out of doorway and started chasing me on my skateboard. I felt like Paperboy from that game Paperboy, even though Paperboy rode a bicycle and there were no dogs in that game.

Anyway I picked up my board and ran away cursing and onto a porch bar where a group of five or so Thai bros were sitting outside drinking some Whiskey. The dogs stopped chasing me after about five seconds. They asked if I was okay, if I needed help. One asked if I spoke Thai, and I got to say "nit noi" (a little bit), which was great. Six dollars well-spent.

Their advice on how not to incite feral dog attacks was to slow down when I pass them. Sound advice, but I had even better advice for myself: don't be carrying a deliciously-pungent black pepper chicken sandwich in your hand when passing a dog.

Also don't bark back.

I wonder if there is Thai stand-up comedy...

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