Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Throw Me Down the Well

This morning I was grading papers alone in my office when I heard a squeaky "Excuse me" at my back.

I spun around in my spinny chair to see two Thai girls, one with a videocamera (this is not going where you think it is going). They asked me if they could talk to me for a few minutes about religion, if I wasn't too busy. They would use the footage for a psychology project. Okay, I'm not too busy.

"Do you follow a certain religion, like Christ or Buddhist?"
"I was raised Jewish."
[They say something in Thai to each other. Presumably the Thai word for "diamond salesman."]
"Yes, Jewish."
"Okay. When you the Jew make married, do you think God watch over the marriage?"

Well, I didn't know the answer to that one. But:
1: The genuine shock when I told them I was Jewish, as opposed to America, where one look noseward is all the confirmation one needs.
2: There was more genuine shock that I was not married. Remember, I am thought to be 35.
3: I love the phrase "When you the Jew make married," and I was shocked to find that it was not the name of a poem by Allen Ginsberg.
Or Ezra Pound.

Okay, enough English major jokes! The rest of the day I slept! Noon to 4...not too shab. Also I have some kind of cough that I am praying is not
1. Swine Flu
2. Japanese encephalitis
3. The death

So what the crap


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