Sunday, June 28, 2009

Speak Prophet

I miss my skateboard.

I had this vision tonight, while walking aimlessly on the streets, looking for somewhere to eat...I had this vision of myself, and I've been wandering for days, and the sun is high and hot and I am crawling slowly in the dry dirt like a dying iguana, and the red ground stretches out on all sides...emptiness...and finally I slither into the city, dying, and with my final breath, I say the Thai word for "noodles," gasp, and perish on my stomach. And it's all because my skateboard was stolen.

What a sad situation. Phom chawp len skateboard. Phom kgam long kit tung skateboard. Lae paw mae. Shantih shantih shantih.

My apartment has begun to take on an interesting order. We all knew it would be a wreck, with wet towels and used napkins and severed limbs strewn about the living area--but to this point I've organized the flotsam in a simple yet ingenious way: kicking everything up against the wall. I mean, seriously, it solves every problem: nothing in the middle of the floor.

Well, I guess that's the only problem it really solves.

Sentimentalist that I am it will probably be some time before I get to cleaning certain things that have assumed accustomed positions, given spots, so that if I did move them, they would look out of place, and the space would look empty.

For example, I have had two clean, folded pairs of socks on the coffee table for about ten days now. They lay on top of my Visa application and some passport photos. Now, I could pick up those socks and walk the eight steps across the room to put them in the sock drawer.

But that would be upsetting the Poltergeist, so to speak. Well, I don't know who actually speaks like that. And also, "so to speak" is one of those empty, pointless English idioms that doesn't actually mean anything when you break it down. "So to speak." So, to speak. Sew too, speak. Upset the Poltergeist, so two's peak.

Merrily merrily merrily...

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