Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poop Jokes

And now, a whole post about poop.

A hole post.

Post-digestive matter.

In Thailand it is apparently not impolite to ask, in casual conversation, if someone is pooping healthily.

This is wonderful news. I love talking about my bowel movements.

I experienced this firsthand two nights ago, when a Thai woman who was helping me to order at a noodle stand asked me if I had had diarrhea since arriving in Chiang Mai. It is common for foreigners to have "traveler's diarrhea" after eating real Thai cuisine for the first few weeks.

My sphincter can confirm that this is true.

It is qiute liberating to be able to talk about feces so freely and without breaking etiquette rules; though I wonder, now, how far those etiquette rules can bend before they are broken.

For example, would it be inappropriate to teach my students how to say "I am about to take a tyrannosaurus dump"? Is comparing my genitalia to the firmness and length of a fecal log a sexy pickup line? Will I be able to turn "How you shittin'?" into a casual, hip greeting, a la "Sup playa" or "What's the dealio?"?

These are questions for the future that can perhaps only be gleaned through experience. As I more thoroughly explore the murky boundaries of Thailand's toilet proprietry, descending into that heart of darkness, I will certainly keep you all updated, as I am sure that this subject is both interesting and not disgusting to all of you.

P.S. I pooped while writing this

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  1. This worries me as we are sharing a bathroom for the night and you are currently in said bathroom.