Monday, June 29, 2009

Paradise Regained

After this morning's class I walked (not skated) on down to the big Mall, to see if they had any super discount skateboards. And, oh yes, they did, they did. Got a new one for 25 bones, with a gritty map of London and bright yellow wheels. I am happy to report that this one is much faster on bumpy pavement and I will almost certainly have my first speed-related accident in no time!

Speaking of which: I was skating down a darkened Soi (side street) on my way home from dinner, in the dark (natch), lost in a reverie, when a yard dog started barking in a BIG way and clanged up against the latched gate. Well, I face-planted, scratched up my knees and Brooks Brothers shorts, got some of the old momentary stomachache. I was thinking, earlier in the day, how much quieter this board was on the pavement than my old board, and how now dogs would no longer be disturbed by my passing.


I just discovered an LP called "LP" by Discovery. Can't stop spinning it--it's the lead singer from Ra Ra Riot and the keyboardist from Vampire Weekend, if that sways anyone.

That reminds me, I would be lying if I said I wasn't exciting that 2009 wasn't almost halfway over, which means I get to count-down my favorite albums of the first half. You fools are lucky that I haven't seen any movies in theaters nor read any recently-released books, fiction, nonfiction, or cullinary, and that I can only navel-gaze with my music tastes.

I also bought my first Hawaiian shirt today. $1.45. It fits really well on me and doesn't make me look like a fat American sushi chef.


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