Thursday, June 11, 2009

Malapropism, Not So Mala

It turns out that, in one case at least, I underestimated the Thai English language skills.

I kept on passing a sign advertising the "House of Male Gym & Sauna."

When I first saw the House of Male--which is near Q-Bone hair cuttery--I laughed really, really hard. Little did this business know--whatever it was--that it sounded really, really gay, like a house full of beefcake men strolling around without their shirts off, everyone breathing in each other's man-funk, oiling each other down.

Well, uh, it turns out the proprietors of House of Male were spot-on with their name:

Pretty great name for a club for gays, I have to say. Would work well, if not glibly, in America, too. My friends that are so-inclined who visit me will be happy to know that every Saturday there is a Thai barbecue, and that Tuesday and Thursday admission is two for the price of one. Also there is a discount if you hold something called a "Long Yang Card."

Insert big penis joke here.

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