Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lovely Lovely Rip Van

Looong day of class yesterday, teaching apathetic classes about how to write an outline. The students were numb to it, as was my mind; I was losing my voice; by the third time teaching the details--the alpha numerical system, indentation, capitalization of first letters--the class could tell I was bored. I told them that this was my third time teaching the material, and they gasped.

Then we played Hangman.

One of the students, in what was a clearly planned joke, went up and wrote four letters.

_ _ _ _

First three letters guessed: U, C, K. Hilarity ensued. The word was 'duck,' of course. But now I know that my students know both a fowl word and a foul word.

Ugh, what am I, Frasier Crane?

Maybe it's tiredness. I fell asleep at 8:00 last night and woke up around 6:30 this morning. Went to bed without me supper, mum.

Why am I more tired than usual? I blame the weather, and waking up, more than half of the days of the week, earlier than I've ever woken up for anything in my life. That would be my guess.

I've canceled the trip to Koh Phi Phi to do some visa stuff. (Language lesson: Thai word for 'visa' is 'vee-ZAH'). Had I gone to Phi Phi (language lesson: pronounced 'pee pee'--yes, srsly) I would have had to use my day off (today) to take a five hour bus ride to Burma, walk across a bridge, hang out for thirty minutes, take a five hour bus ride back to Chiang Mai, teach tomorrow morning, teach Friday, leave for Phi Phi on Friday, two flights and a boat ride. For someone who doesn't like the beach that much, I won't be pining (for the fjords); I just want to relax around here.

I still feel like I just arrived, like I don't know the city that well. I know the names of roads and have a general sense of direction, sure--but I don't know, conocer, I am not one acquainted with the Mai. Plus, I am tired--kicking back for a day or two here sounds good to me. Along with the 4th of July hamburgers and hot dogs at the American embassy, and the chance to see the Buddhist holiday in Bangkok (the reason for our vacation, Monday Tuesday Wednesday)--I don't need to go to the beach just now.

So I'ma jet on down to Bangkok on Sunday, head over to Cambodia on Tuesday for the visa extension, go back to Chiang Mai on Wednesday--all at a relaxing pace, I'm happy to say. I need it. I got a throat tickle now.

Also I will keep you updated on the freshy march, where all of the freshmen at Chiang Mai University march up a mountain singing songs together. cf. the P-rade? I don't know. Pictures to come, hopefully.

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