Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double Post to Chesty

Two posts in one day (for Callie).

A lot of you have asked me how good at English my students are. Interesting question. I would say that they have very large vocabularies, but they do not have any command of syntax or grammar. To wit:

All of my students have an assignment due on Monday. The assignment is to find an article of a certain length and write what the main idea of the article is and to create an outline of what the article says.

I gave one of my classes my email address so that they could send in articles for me to see if they were okay, to ask me questions about the assignment, and, okay, in the hopes that one of them would get really drunk and send me a hilarious message. Pipe dream.

So, here is an email from "Wan." This is the entirety of his email (article attached):

teacher please check article for me it good or not if not good , i will find new article and u comment and sent back to me on e-mail ok

thank u very much

So hopefully that gives you some idea of what I am working with, and why I am afraid that I am going to lose whatever hold on higher-level English I currently have. So if you see me using big words where diminuitive ones would suffice, here is why: this blog is the safe-haven for my extended vocabulary.

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  1. I suppose he is on target. A null topic with no outline may just be a cheeky attempt to mock his english skills and your silly assignment. It's like when Drew wrote a definition paper on, well, a definition paper. It so Po-po-mo. Or is it po-po-zao. I never really learned the difference.